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"Netcapture" Feature Added to Series 4 Gen2 NAS DTU

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada - 2013 - Targa Systems Division of L-3 Communications, announced that its Series 4 Gen2 NAS (Network Attached Storage) Data Transfer Unit now includes a Netcapture feature.

With Netcapture, the Targa Series 4 NAS DTU has the ability to log network traffic to the removable Data Transfer Device (DTD). This capability uses tcpdump v4.1.1 (www.tcpdump.org) to capture information from the network in a libpcap v1.1.1 format that can be later replayed by tools such as tcpdump or Wireshark (www.wireshark.org).

Any deployed Targa S4 DTU unit can be turned into a network diagnostics tool by simply installing a removable DTD disk with the Targa “netcapture” control file.

For additional information on Netcapture, please contact Targa Systems.

About Targa Systems

Targa System Division, L-3 Communications Canada Inc., founded in 1981, is a leading supplier of ruggedized solid-state data storage products for the military and aerospace markets. Targa provides COTS, as well as custom and modified-COTS storage solutions. For further information, contact Targa at sales@targasystems.com or visit www.targasystems.com.