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CF Card NAS DTU (Network Attached Storage)

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – 2012 - Targa Systems Division of L-3 Communications, announced that its NAS (Network Attached Storage) Data Transfer Unit for the Military and Aerospace markets Systems now accommodates both industry standard CF Cards as well as PC Cards.

The Targa Series 3 CF and PC Card Data Transfer System is the perfect Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for your military & aerospace systems, replacing Server Attached Storage in most airborne platform application systems. These systems include flight management, cockpit instrument display, terrain awareness and warning, map systems, radar systems, cockpit/ground communications, navigation positioning, and satellite communications.

With both industrial temperature CF and PC Card capacities now at 64GB, this removability feature of the Series 3 product line allows for easy updating of files. Capacity growth is expected to double in the next year.

For additional information, visit the Targa Systems website: http://www.targasystems.com/products/S3_ethernet-NAS.htm

About Targa Systems

Targa System Division, L-3 Communications Canada Inc., founded in 1981, is a leading supplier of ruggedized solid-state data storage products for the military and aerospace markets. Targa provides COTS, as well as custom and modified-COTS storage solutions. For further information, contact Targa at sales@targasystems.com or visit www.targasystems.com.