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Network Attached Storage (NAS) Removable SSD Data Transfer Systems – Capacities to 256GB

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – September 20, 2009 – Targa Systems Division of L-3 Communications, accelerating its leadership in providing solid-state data storage solutions for military & aerospace applications, today announced the availability of high capacity SSD in its Series 4 NAS (Network Attached Storage) Data Transfer Systems for the Military and Aerospace markets.

In those applications requiring high storage capacity and/or read/write speeds, Targa’s Series 4 Removable Disk NAS DTU's is the perfect solution. The Series 4 offers capacities up to 256 GB in a compact, rugged and removable 2.5" flash disk. Both single-disk and dual-disk versions are available. The removable disk feature of the Series 4 product line allows for easy updating of files. Capacity in 2010 will increase to 512GB. That means a Terabyte will be available in the dual-disk version of the Series 4.

The Targa Series 4 Removable Disk Data Transfer System is the perfect Network Attached Storage (NAS) device for your military & aerospace systems, replacing Server Attached Storage in most airborne platform application systems. These systems include flight management, cockpit instrument display, terrain awareness and warning, map systems, radar systems, cockpit/ground communications, navigation positioning, and satellite communications

For further information, contact Targa Systems at its marketing offices for additional DTS information at (941) 379-1631, sales@targasystems.com or visit http://www.targasystems.com.

About Targa Systems

Targa System Division, L-3 Communications Canada Inc., founded in 1981, is a leading supplier of ruggedized solid-state data storage products for the military and aerospace markets. Targa provides COTS, as well as custom and modified-COTS storage solutions. For further information, contact Targa Sales at (941) 379-1631, sales@targasystems.com or visit www.targasystems.com.